Thursday, September 2, 2010

nail art

This is what happens when you give a little boy with active imagination washable markers. Since the little man has been good with using the markers and crayons only (before the picture above happened, that is) on his activity books, we decided to buy him more markers so he could use them alternately with crayons. He has been doing pretty good so far. Until last night. Him and his father were so quite that I had to check on them to see what was going on. Only to be shocked because their toenails were all green. When asked how it happened, I was told that the little man went to his father and started working on the latter's nails. Apparently he did not meet any resistance so he did what he set out to do, colored his father's toenails. All ten of them. That was after he colored his own toenails. After which he started on his fingernails. He even told me he wanted to do my nails which I did not allow. I was asked to take pictures afterward. A few hours later, he complained how his nails were nasty (his word) so we had to wash them clean. If you have not used markers to color your nails then you will not know that it takes a bit of a time to wash it off. But it did. And what did he do after we washed his hands? He went ahead and colored them again. Sigh! This morning when he got up he suggested to his father that they should color their nails black which his father said would be cool since they will be goth for a change. It would serve them right if he use the permanent markers this time, lol.

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