Thursday, September 23, 2010

marble run

This is what the little man is going crazy over at the moment. Well, if I am honest about it, he has been watching marble run videos on Youtube since he learned how to navigate the internet. He likes it because kids his age like it and also because it uses marbles. At the moment he substitutes the marbles with gumballs and use them everywhere he could make the gumballs roll or slide or both. His father told me to order it for his son but I do not want to use our bank account nor do I want to use my credit cards for this purchase. I told the little man that if he can, wait until I get paid on Friday and I will order him his very own marble run online using my paypal debit card. He is so like his father who, when he wants something wants to have it now, but he will have to learn to wait. We will get him this toy soon. If and when we get the toy I will post a picture of it after we assemble it together because the kind I am looking at has over 200 pieces. It will be fun helping him build his own marble run when he gets it. Let's hope mommy's money is enough to buy the set we like.

I have ordered a marble run set but not the kind that has 200 pieces. I had to send money to my parents because my father is in the hospital right now. I do have left-over money which was enough to pay for a different set with fewer pieces but still look promising. I have not told the little man about it though. It will be a surprise and an early birthday present from mommy and daddy.

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