Friday, September 17, 2010

a lesson in patience

The little man has no patience. At all. I have tried to explain to him that some things cannot be rushed but he does not seem to comprehend it yet. He whines when he does not get his way and runs to his father if I refuse to help him when he does not listen to me. I just want him to learn the value of patience and waiting instead of rushing things. We have a long way to go to have this trait straightened out. I don't do good with things like this, I get annoyed really easy. The husband seems to be doing fine in that area. He has experience with it though having had two kids from his previous marriage. While the little man is the only child I have been around with 24/7. Nobody believes that I have not been around other kids either to babysit or live with in my entire life. Well, my brother and I basically grew up together being only over a year apart and my parents did not have other kids anymore. I did play with my cousins' little kids but when they get ornery I return them to their parents. And that was my experience with kids. So when I am confronted with the little man's tantrums it is hard for me to deal with it. Although I think I am getting used to it by now, a little bit. So when he starts getting impatient over a DS game (which I have put away), or we are on the computer and he orders me to click here mommy! nonstop, or yells at me because his drawing does not reflect what was in his mind, I try to be patient only to end up annoyed when I cannot pacify him. Then he starts crying and runs to his father. I think either I need a lesson in child psychology or I have to be more understanding. I just realized where he got this trait from, me. The culprit who does not know how to deal with it in the first place. How ironic.

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