Tuesday, September 14, 2010

karaoke set

Since the little man likes to sing, we decided to get him a cheap karaoke set. The set actually consists of two microphones, three karaoke dvd, some wires, and an instruction pamphlet. Not much, eh? But we did not pay much for it either. It is just a starter kit for him so he could sing if he wants to or use the mic when he feels like it. We hooked it up this morning and he has been singing on and off. It is loud and he loves it. He sang and dance and laughed at his folly. He was told not to jerk the mic since it is connected to the DVD player and he has been doing pretty good. I don't know how long the microphone will last but I hope it will be useful for a long time until we save up enough to buy a better karaoke set, something that the adults can use too. Maybe we will get the kind with more song options than we have now. One of these days :)

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