Wednesday, September 15, 2010

he is hungry

The little man and I had a good time goofing around this evening. He started by writing his alphabet and numbers 1-10 and when he was finished I took pictures of his work and himself with his work in the background. Then we started playing, with him saying he could not get up and he needed my help. I tried to ignore him but he was so loud so I gave in to what he wanted. What followed was crazy. We laughed, we rolled on the carpet, we ended up in bed with him trying to get between me and his father saying he has to get in the middle. The husband said it is my fault his son is crazy, lol. I only want to play with him and make him realize that mommy may be pregnant but that does not mean we cannot have fun together. He got hungry afterward that he asked me to fix him macaroni and cheese. That is his favorite meal for days now. He could eat a bowl in one sitting which makes us happy knowing his tummy is full. Of course if other people could be believed, our son will have to be taking hoodia diet pills before he reached his teens saying pasta is not a very good choice for kids. I don't listen to them though. Whatever my son wants as long as he eats it and is happy with it (and it is not loaded with too much sugar or salt) then he can have it. The way he is very active even if we are at home I am hoping it will help with his metabolism. Although I am keeping an eye on him just to be sure he does not get too chubby. One can never be too certain when it comes to kids, you know?

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