Tuesday, September 14, 2010

good appetite

Lately, the little man has been eating good. He asks for whatever he wants to eat and as long as it is good for him, we give it to him. He now eats with gusto eating all the food I put in his plate. He does not like me to help him anymore. He eats by himself and never stops until he is finished. After which, he hands me his plate and asks for something to drink. I hope he will continue to be a good eater. His father is proud that he is gaining weight. He bragged about his son's weight gain and said that the little man needs to eat more. I don't think it is right for the little man to gain more weight though. I am always worried about him getting obese because then we will not only worry about him trying to lose weight but we will also be thinking how to get rid of stomach fat because it always follows with weight gain. I am happy that he is gaining weight now but I will make sure he does not gain too much for his own benefit. He looks good and he is healthy and that is what matters for now.

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