Friday, September 17, 2010


The little man loves to scribble his letters and numbers. He likes to color too. And since I am trying to avoid having to clean up a mess brought by washable markers (that for some reason does not wash off) I am sticking to washable crayons. So far I have not had any problems cleaning up after crayon marks on walls and furniture. I originally bought him a 64 count cheap crayon but I found out the lot were no good so I threw every crayon away and bought him the 16 count crayola brand. He likes to use the new crayons because they have brighter colors. I bought him another pack when I noticed the ones he was using were getting shorter. And just today, I bought him a 24 crayon pack which he excitedly put on his desk. He still has to learn how to color certain pictures right but at least he is starting to. And the way he flips the crayons in his hand tells me that before long he should be able to hold a pen right without any difficulty. I think he is doing a good job. In my next posts I will include more of his artwork for everybody to see.

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