Sunday, August 29, 2010

looking for a chair

We are looking for a big boy chair for the little man. His father saw him sitting on his old chair which is basically made of very cheap (foam, I think) material that when he tries to lean back it topples over. He actually have fun with it but the husband thinks it is awful to look at. So we have been on the hunt for a bigger, sturdier, big boy chair. I do not want them to buy a chair like what the stepson had because it was awful big and heavy. I just want something I still could lift when I am cleaning the carpet. We have not found anything that suit us yet. The chairs I looked up online were a bit pricey but I was told it is for my little man so I should not complain. I will try, lol. Hopefully we will find one that is good enough for the little man so he does not have to sit in his old raggedy chair.

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