Sunday, August 29, 2010

learning activities

We went to the store yesterday to shop for school supplies for the little man. No, he does not go to school yet. He does however use school supplies for activities we do here at home like writing, reading, coloring, and the like. While we were out we also bought him a fun and learning box which is for first graders. It is way advanced for his age since he is only 3 years old but he seems to like the activities in it so all goes well. We have let him play his games while we watch and help and encourage him. It is fun! He finally knows how to count and not just recite the numbers. He can read big words and when he sound out the words he does not know yet it is mostly accurate and not just gibberish. What would you say if a little boy can read words like matouk (which we encountered online while I was online shopping with him sitting on my lap), depot, nightingale (he can type this word by himself too), refrigerator, and a lot more? The words that come out of his mouth are amazing. He can even read full sentences now and I think it helps with his communication skills. Whereas before he only would use single word to tell us what he wants, he now talks on sentences which is a major improvement. Unlike other kids, he is a bit slow when it comes to conversations but he is learning each day and we are proud of him. Like what I said, we encourage him to do more but to do it on his own pace and his own time.

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