Tuesday, August 31, 2010

day off

Today is the little man's day off from learning. He has been really trying to do the activities we planned for him and he has been doing good. The good thing about him is that as young as he is, he knows when to stop. And today is that day. He woke up early and did not even bother to look at his activity books. Instead he asked his father if he could use his computer which when he was allowed to he used to listen to an online radio. He is currently listening to an Asian song that I think is Korean. He is hooked with that particular song for some reason and it is actually growing on me. I wonder what he will do next. Perhaps look for Texas truck accident lawyer? I won't be surprised since he really gets on it when he is in the computer. As long as he is supervised I think he is fine. Being online, he encounters a lot of different words which is good for his vocabulary because if he relies on mine he will end up speaking Filipino all the time. His father help a lot but it is always better to have other options. We do need to stock up on books again since we have read all our books over and over again and we don't want him to get stuck on the same books. Raising a toddler gets expensive sometimes but when we see how he is doing so well we think it is all worth it.

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