Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We went to the clinic earlier today to have an appointment for me and my son. The husband went with us but he had an urgent call so he needed to get out of the building to take his call. I stayed with the little man. It was a struggle to keep him with me while I was trying to get information about our appointments because there is a play room in the waiting for kids to play with and he wanted to stay in there. There might not be that many people inside the clinic and the doors are pretty safe but that did not mean I would let him out of my sight so I hang on to him. I gave him my phone to play with which was against the rules since there was a no phone allowed sign inside. I did not have anything else to give him and he was really getting antsy. Normally, giving him our phones work wonders because we let him do anything he wants with our phone, short of taking our cell phone batteries out, if that what makes him occupied while in public. This time it only worked for a while. When he saw his father came in the door he rushed to him which caused him to bump on the door. He is such a hyper child he could not stay still like most kids. Thankfully he was not hurt bad. They did stay on that play area while I wrap things up with the receptionist. We have our schedules now and we should be back next week.

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