Tuesday, July 27, 2010

story telling

The little man called his Uncle J on yahoo messenger and they talked for a long time. Well, he talked for a long time. His uncle only got words out like where's your mom and some ad lib he had to say to make his nephew continue talking. I was in the kitchen then fixing the husband a meal but I heard all. When I told him to entertain his uncle and tell him a story he readily agreed and told about the Three Little Pigs. He was so cute with his story telling since he did it with feelings, complete with actions and voice changes as he saw fit. When he was done he sang the ABC song, counted numbers and was unstoppable. When I took over, the poor uncle on the other end was amazed and probably confused, lol. He has never seen or heard his nephew that animated, much less talkative but he loved it. I am sure word will get to our parents. I don't really know what got into the little man yesterday. He was all amiable and eager to talk to somebody which is very rare. He opens up to us but he does not like to talk to other people outside of home. I hope he will continue to be like what he was yesterday because we have been trying to get him to interact more with other people. Maybe this is a start. A very good start indeed.

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