Wednesday, July 21, 2010

somebody is acting up

The little man has been acting up lately. He does things that are annoying and most are intended for me. I don't know if he wants attention (he has all mine, btw). When I reprimand him he runs to his father crying and calling out for him. Of course his father tries to pacify him and asks what I did wrong. I told them if this keeps on I will have to discipline both of them, lol. It is bad when he starts acting up because my patience is wearing thin with all these roller coaster of emotions I am experiencing right now due to my pregnancy. He also wants me to pick him up all the time which is getting harder to do since he is over 30 lbs and I do not have the strength to lift anything much anymore. Some friends said he's acting up because he knows he will have a younger sibling and that he is afraid he will not have the same attention he gets from us. I know it is not going to happen. He is my little boy after all, but they may be right about his feelings. Who knows? I just hope he will start being good for both our sake.

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