Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i hope it works for her

A friend is planning on a trip to PI with her family in the next few months. Like me, she has not been home for years and so she is very excited. But she is also worried about her looks. You see, she gained weight when she got pregnant and she is having a hard time losing the extra weight. But she said she needs to because she wants to look good. So she started her quick weight loss diet in hopes that she will lose a few pounds before the trip. A few pounds will do wonders with her looks and self-esteem so I hope she achieves her aim. It is hard to lose weight. I know because I have tried it several times only to stop because I don't have the discipline and perseverance to do it. Maybe next time. For right now, I hope my friend will reach her goal so she will be happy with herself.

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