Saturday, July 3, 2010

holiday weekend

It is a holiday weekend but the husband and I have not planned on anything to do. We probably will spend the weekend just like any normal weekend, at home. We do not know where to go should we decided to get out of the house. Plus there is the issue of spending when we go out so I guess we better stay in. For over a year now, we have always been staying home instead of being on the road on holidays. We used to go places, mostly the beach to while away the time and have fun. Since then we are home all the time except when we have to run errands and when we moved. Other than that we are pretty much stuck at home with nothing else to do but eat and get online that I have done and read lipofuze review and signed up on websites which I would not have done when we were always on the go. We are hoping this lifestyle is going to change in the days to come. Even the little man is now comfortable being at home. Before the move, he normally complains about being inside the house all day that I have to bar the doors so he could not get out. Now he fights us when we have to get out to get groceries. I don't want to raise an anti-social child so I have to think of something else to do for him. It is just that right now I am out of any ideas.

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