Thursday, July 8, 2010

getting him ready

For the longest time, the little man has been our baby. His siblings are older than him and they already have their own lives to live so all our attention is focused solely on him. It may not be the same after I give birth. I mean, we will give both kids the attention they deserve but I will have to focus more on the new baby and on recovering from child birth. As early as now I am already gearing up the little man to get ready for his baby sibling. He laughed when I told him there is a baby inside my tummy. He probably could not comprehend how a baby fits in there. He does press his ears on my tummy to listen and make sure there really is baby inside. And as days go by, he seems to be getting used to the idea of being a big brother. We want him to feel that he is a part of this pregnancy so he will not feel left out. He is doing good and we are happy about it. He still has to be careful around me but we are making progress every day. Now that that worry is out of the way, I only have to worry about gaining more weight because I have really been hungry all the time even after I ate that it is making me feel grumpy. Plus there is the problem of my face and neck breaking out but I don't want to use acne treatment right now so I will have to deal with that. Even the husband is starting to realize that I may not be having morning sickness but the cravings and the hunger is getting me down most days. He also said the other day that he noticed my face has been really marred with all these annoying bumps. I wonder if it has something to do with getting pregnant right after stopping the pill. Who knows? I just hope I will have more patience with this because I know it will be here until I give birth. Then, maybe my hormones will not be as erratic as now.

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