Monday, July 12, 2010

free time

The husband and I are both online. I am updating my blogs while he is listening to and watching music videos. The little man is safely tucked in bed since he went to sleep early. So while the cat is asleep, the mice will play, lol. We won't be here long though because I am already sleepy and the husband always sticks to his early bedtime routine. I just need to publish this post and see about North Carolina health insurance as a favor for a friend and then I will be off to bed as well. It is different when the little man is not awake since we have gotten used to the noise (and yells) he makes while playing. But in a way it is a good thing too because we do need a break from that from time to time. Well, I better get off here. I still need to do the above mentioned things I need to do and I have to clean up for the night before going to bed. Good night!

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