Friday, July 23, 2010


The little man takes after me (if it is possible) when it comes to his teeth. His upper teeth are pretty and even while the bottom teeth are all crooked. When I told my father about it he was so disappointed that of all the things, his grandson will have crooked teeth which has been a family problem ever since. Well, what should we expect? It might be genetic. He still has baby teeth and I am still hoping that when his permanent teeth comes up it will be beautiful. If not we may have to bring him to a dentist like charlotte cosmetic dentist if going to a regular dentist will not work. I would hate for him to wear braces when he is older but if that is the way for him to have good looking teeth then he might have to tough it out. I did not have braces because it was too expensive and my parents could not afford it. And when I get older I do not care much about how my teeth look anymore as long as it is healthy and still complete. I would like my child to be happy with the way he looks. I know how kids can be mean sometimes in school so this problem has to be remedied when the right time comes.

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