Friday, July 23, 2010


The little man saw a picture of a magnifying glass in one of his books and from then on he has always wanted to play with his father's magnifying glass. It was fine at first but he puts the thing very near his eyes and I am afraid it will harm his eyesight. Besides he knows how to take the glass from its handle and then plays with it so I took it away from him and put it out of his reach. He does get to play with it when his father gives it to him but I take it away whenever he does the things mentioned above. With this little terror I would rather be safe than sorry later on. With his penchant for observing things I thought I should better buy him a binocular specifically made for kids so he can play with it instead. I do not know if it is safer than the magnifying glass or if it is safe at all but I have to do and think of something different soon. I don't want him to be wearing eyeglasses at an early age because I did and it is annoying not to mention expensive. I will put the magnifying glass away where neither him or his father will know where it is at to avoid any future problems. I do have to make sure I remember where it is in case the husband needs it or else I will be the one in trouble, lol.

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