Monday, June 28, 2010

summer reading class

We went to the library today so the little man can join in the summer reading class. My perception of a class is different than the organizer's concept but we still went ahead and let him do the required activities so he could get prizes. I thought somebody will be there to read with the kids, not me reading to him because we do that at home all the time. The toys and activities were too much of a distraction to him I wondered how we completed any at all. I must admit we cheated on some, lol. He had a hard time with the matching game because it was not easy. He did win his way out of the game by charm and sheer luck. He did not want to do the mini-treasure hunt where he had to stick his hands in damp sand, which I thought was brown sugar, to find coins. There were rakes and shovels but they did not show it to him right away. He looked at the container with the sand and said nasty, lol. I had to encourage him by showing him the "treasures" but he was still reluctant. When showed with the plastic shovel he went right ahead and did not want to do anything else but dig. He had five reward cards in all where inside each card was written the prizes he won. He did not win anything he liked. I was hoping he will get lucky and win a bowl with a gold fish in it but he did not. I don't know if we will go again next week. I think he is better off playing with his cousins for right now. When the time comes for him to get ready for pre-school I will think about sending him to one. Maybe he will learn to behave well and be productive when somebody else is teaching him. I will let him be a kid and enjoy being outdoors playing. I am sure the right time for learning more will come.

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