Saturday, June 12, 2010


We were at the MIL's house the other day when the little man had another incident. He was crouching down like he was trying to pick something up when I heard a very loud scream. I ran to him while he was running away from me screaming like a nut. Yes, I have a toddler who panics every time he gets hurt. The husband was yelling at me (again!) for not keeping an eye on his son. Like I could stop him from getting hurt all the time? I mean, he is a kid. He is liable to get hurt over things he does no matter how I keep a close eye on him because he does not have any sense of self-preservation at the moment. When I got hold of the little man his left index finger was starting to swell. The SIL said it was most probably a bee sting. What I was worried about is that what if it was a snake that bit him (or stung him or whatever it is that snakes do). I was relieved when I saw there was only one red spot which ruled that off. He must have seen a bee and decided to pick it up. Dumb I know but my son loves anything that walks, crawls or flies. I blame it on Diego and Dora really but I could not say that to the husband who was angry at me for what happened. His aunt made him hold a cold water bottle which might have lessened the pain because he was fine after that. While I was sitting near them feeling dumb. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to parenting. I don't know if I will ever be good at it although I try as much as I can. There is one thing that is disturbing though, he always gets hurt at Mamaw's. Now I am starting to be afraid to go there again. Who knows what the little man will get into next time. I do hope there will be no untoward incident that will happen.

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