Sunday, June 13, 2010

losing weight

The husband is losing weight. His gut is starting to get smaller. He used to look funny with his stomach sticking out and he was overly embarrassed with it so he did something to make him lose a little weight. His secret? Not eating too much. It is not really much a secret. We all know if we limit our food intake we will not keep on gaining weight. The best fat burning exercises is not advisable for him so he chose the first route and it is paying off. He said he can now suck his stomach in. He was really tickled with the transformation. I only hope he will continue to be successful with his quest. At least he is making progress even without rigorous exercise at all. He is lucky. I hope I will get lucky with my plans too.


imelda said...

good for him coz he has lots of self discipline

jellybelly said...

Losing weight is actually very simple. Just eat less and exercise 3-4x a week. But it's difficult cos you need willpower to resist food and laziness to exercise :)