Tuesday, June 15, 2010

keeping cool

We bought an inflatable pool for the little man. It is getting hotter by the day and we want him to enjoy summer while keeping himself cool. He loves his little pool and has used it twice now. I have taken pictures using my phone but the images are too small when transferred to my computer so I could not use it here. I will try to take a picture of his pool using my camera so maybe I will be able to post it here. The husband urged me to get in the pool with the little man but I did not really feel like it. I contend myself watching my little terror play in the water for hours. He normally comes to me for drinks and snacks. He is so tanned right now his father is jealous, lol. The husband hates to look at his "pale" body so he tries to get a tan but he has been out several days and only turned a bit red, not tanned. While his son stayed in the sun for an hour and he was brown all over. Thankfully he does not get any darker for me to get worried.

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