Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a stormy day

It is a stormy day today and we are staying home. I am almost bored out of my wits. The little man was in the computer earlier watching videos from Nick, Jr dot com but he got tired of it and is now upstairs playing with his toys. I don't even want to think about how his room will look after he is done with his games. He must be bored too. His father is here so he has not tried to escape looking for him. I am starting to get crazy being online. I have to get online instead of staring at the wall or the contemporary furniture. I am afraid I will think of a major rearrangement of the furniture just because I am bored so I opted to stay online more than stare at the walls, lol. I hope the weather will be good starting tomorrow. At least even if we stay home it will be sunny and not gloomy like today. I don't know what's with bad weather, a person either gets bored or eats a lot. Not very good things to pass the time but there is nothing to do so don't blame me :)

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