Thursday, June 3, 2010

an accident?

The little man and his cousin were playing on a trampoline in their grandma's yard yesterday when an incident occurred. I was looking at them and I did not see anything but the little man got quite and yelled for me. When I checked, his mouth was bleeding. When I saw it, I yelled for the husband who got annoyed because I panicked. After so much crying and yelling, we found out he almost knocked off a tooth. It was loose. When asked what happened, I could not provide an answer. I swear, I was looking at them all the time yet I did not know what happened. I gave the little man plenty of cold water until he settled down. The cold water must have soothed his mouth because he was back playing just a few minutes later. But not after I almost passed out. I always do that when I see him hurt. Especially when I see blood. It was only later when I realized things like this happens to kids. In fact, I lost a tooth once because I bit a banana leaf off the tree. And I did it because I was dared to do it. How was that for being stupid? Lol. I must admit it is different when it is your own kid who is hurt though. I wonder how my own mother survived raising two obnoxious kids who got hurt all the time from playing outside with cousins. Anyway, I am glad he recovered from that incident and he leaves the tooth alone. Dad said it might very well get healed because it is not time for it to fall off yet. I hope he is right. I don't know how the little man will look like without a tooth this early.

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