Tuesday, May 25, 2010

yard sale finds

My mother-in-law likes to go to yard sales. She enjoys browsing through other people's stuff. Her daughter brings her wherever she wants to go and most of the time they go home with loads of goodies. She has several swing sets in her yard which are from yard sales. She even has an elliptical which I thought was odd the first time I saw it. I even had plans of asking her to give it to me so I could use it, lol. I saw her got on it once for just a few minutes I guess to test if it still works. She has plenty of dolls too which she puts up in one room. Beautiful dolls that she keeps clean and on display. On one of their yard sale trips last weekend, the little man benefited from since his aunt (the one who chauffeured his grandma) bought him a Thomas the Train set, shoes, and clothes. I was happy for him because his face lit up when he saw the toys. We need more tracks for his train sets and we found out that the toy his aunt bought for him has a part where we could attach his train tracks (he has two different kinds) and make it a long winding single track. It took me a while to figure out how to attach the tracks but I did and he is one happy boy now. I do have a problem when I need to vacuum the carpet but that is minor so I will not worry about it. I am glad that his grandma went to a yard sale that day and his aunt found the toy. I asked her if she could look at some stuff we might need in the house and she said she will. If I can only find a nice yard sale I will be happy. But somebody has yet to have one that I will be interested in. Maybe I need to go with my in-laws next time.

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