Monday, May 31, 2010

the first time

When I first learned I was pregnant with the little man, I went crazy over what to do to have a healthy pregnancy. I did not know until then that there could be so many restrictions. So many things a pregnant woman should not do. And so many food I could not eat. Well, there were food that I could eat but on moderation. And then there were vitamins to take. I thought the regular multivitamin should work but I was told prenatal vitamins are better. Then began my search for prenatal vitamins to take. The husband told me to just take an over the counter prenatal vitamins since he did not think I needed to take all natural prenatal vitamins or anything. I bought two different brands yet did not dare try to take any in. Until my OB-gyn gave me a bottle of generic prenatal vitamins. That settled me really quick much to the husband's annoyance because the vitamins I chose were not really cheap. But I was a first time mom without my own mother to tell me what to do. I was also shy of asking any of his sisters for advice. Now I know better. The next time I get pregnant I will probably be a lot better than I was the first time. Maybe I will not drive the husband crazy again over silly things.

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