Friday, May 28, 2010

a watering can!

We bought a watering can for the little man to use. We have plants in the carport which we water every now and then and since he has shown his desire to help water the plants we decided to get him a small watering can instead of using the old watering can we got that was too heavy for him. He loves his new toy so much that he volunteers to water the plants when it is time to do it. I find this cute and a way to keep him busy so he will not think of doing something he is not supposed to do. Maybe this will train him to help more when he gets older. Every little thing helps so maybe this one will too. Although his father's aunt already said kids tend to be helpful when they are young but shies away from responsibility when they get older. I hope the case is not true with the little man. We want him to be responsible when he grows up.

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