Wednesday, May 12, 2010

very late supper

I had late night supper alone. The little man went to bed early while the husband is here sitting in the couch who is "thinking" when I asked what he was doing. It is pretty quite except for the tapping of the keys on the keyboard while I am doing this post. I deep fried whole chicken this morning and I am eating the leftovers along with rice noodles and rice. I know that it is not healthy to eat late at night but I was hungry and I did not have much to eat during the day so I indulge. If this becomes a routine I will be in trouble. I wonder if taking appetite suppressants will help curb this late night prowling in the kitchen. Or maybe I should just eat like any normal person would, on schedule instead of eating when I feel like it. Whatever the case, I already did the deed and there is no turning back now. I will try not to do this again tomorrow.

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