Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thomas and Friends

The little man is in the computer right now. He is watching videos about Thomas the Train. He loves Thomas and his train tracks so much that he frequently visits Youtube just to watch videos of really cool (and complicated) looking tracks set up by kids and their parents. I am watching him while he is watching his videos. We are building a Thomas train track collection for him too that is why he is interested. His memory is good when it comes to typing in url's of websites that I don't have to bookmark them on his computer. He can type any url especially if he loves the site only if it has our permission. There are sites that are permanently banned from his computer for good reasons. He can type url's on websites like Nick, Jr., Youtube, Facebook, Sprout, Starfall, and Wal-mart (this has something to do with a camera I promised to get him for his birthday). He is good but not so good as to be able to type long url's like, not that he needs it nor does he knows what it is for. We are encouraging him to be proficient in the computer because I don't think it hurts. He rarely stays in it longer than he wants to anyway. He still runs to his toys in his room and play with them when he is not with his cousins playing. This arrangement works for us and I think he likes it too. We are working on his writing skills too which is about the only area he is not that much interested in yet. He will eventually get the hang of it though. Somehow.

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