Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The little man rarely talks but when he does he makes his own words that are sometimes hard to understand. Take for instance when he got stuck in the mud while playing in his grandfather's farm. He yelled to me that he was stuck-ing. I don't know why he has to put -ing on his word. I have tried to correct him but he still uses the word when he needs it. He also likes to make up names for people and pets. He could be saying hi to his cousins but they get annoyed (especially the ones his age) when he calls them a different name. I know he knows their names because when we are at home he asks me where so and so is at by using their real names. One of his aunts said he just likes to aggravate and I am starting to believe it since he always have that silly grin in his face after he calls a cousin a different name. Speaking of cousins, we have been around them a lot lately and we have noticed a lot of improvement on the little man's behavior. He now talks more than he used to. He is good with other kids while playing. Also, when we are outside and I tell him to get inside, he does it without a fight. Sometimes, he even would get inside without me telling him. I think I am right that what he needs is to be around kids so he will know how to behave like a kid. When he is with us all the time I don't think he is as happy as when he is with kids his age. We hope to see more improvements from him in the days to come.

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