Sunday, May 30, 2010


We still have to call our insurance provider about getting insurance for the house we are renting right now. The landlord said he will leave it to us to decide where to get it and since we got a good deal with our car insurance we decided to go ahead and get renter's insurance from the same provider. The landlord assured us he has homeowners insurance for the house but it will be better for us if we also will have renter's insurance. We always had it on the places we stayed especially in the south where flood is a common thing to happen. But we have been busy and we have not called our insurance provider. I will have to remind the husband about it and see if he will give them a call. I let him deal with things like that while I take care of paying the bills on time. He knows more about insurances than I do so it is better to leave some things to the expert. At least I don't get blamed if anything untoward happens.

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