Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am talking to one of my cousins while writing this post. I have not talked to her since that day we visited their house in Antipolo years ago. She was my grade school classmate and we actually did not get along well because of competition and we were kids so we did not know better. We got past that awkward stage though and have communicated through high school and college and we saw each other on occasional visits. She is already married with three kids. She said she never know why the kids kept popping up, lol. I swear when we were kids we would never have been able to talk civilly. There was always something to say about each other, mostly not nice like making fun of the other for petty things like pimples (you know when you hit pre-teen they start popping up and we did not know about pronexin then). I am glad that was over. We have so much to catch up on. We are talking about our kids, our weight (we both used to be puny), and people we know. I was told they went back to Leyte to visit the rest of the relatives last December. It would have bee more fun if we were there but since we weren't she is filling me up on what happened. I am glad I get to talk to her again after all these years. I hope despite our busy lives with our family we will be able to spare time for each other to talk. It will be more fun if I get to talk to her siblings too. It will be like a mini-reunion.

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