Monday, May 31, 2010


The little man and I decided to fix popcorn for our snacks. His father introduced popcorn to him when he was barely two years old and he has come to like it. In fact, he ate most of the popcorn I fixed. This little boy may talk and act like me but he sure take after his father's choice of food and snacks. Well, at least I do not have to fix three different kinds of food every meal now. I only have to fix two, for them and for me, because I still eat mostly Filipino food at home. If I eat what these two eat, not only will I gain too much weight, I probably will have to be using the best acne treatments since they do love butter in their food. And the kind of food they eat gives me heartburn for some reason. I guess I am just picky with my food. Whatever the case, I am glad the little man is slowly coming out of being a picky eater. Right now he eats foods as we give it to him. He does not starve himself just to prove he does not like the food I fixed for him. He even tells me he loves certain foods which is a very good thing indeed. As he gets more open to different kinds of food I will introduce Filipino food to him. So far the only food he likes is the pancit bihon. He has come a long way and I am so happy for him.

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