Wednesday, May 12, 2010

on hopes and wants

I mentioned on my old post that we are waiting a few more weeks to confirm if we are indeed expecting. I am having mixed emotions right now. Mostly excited but there are silly notions too like getting worried about gaining more weight when I am actually losing weight if fitting on my old pre-pregnancy jeans is any indication. I still have bulges on my belly but in as much as I want to get rid of belly fat I cannot do it now. Not if I am pregnant anyway. I know if I get heavy with child that my stomach is going to get big and all the hard-work will just be for nothing. Maybe I will think about losing weight and looking good after this (if ever) pregnancy. If I am indeed pregnant I have not had any symptoms. When I was pregnant with the little man I started getting sick on my second week of pregnancy and was sick until after the fourth month. The husband who is overeager to have another child said it might be a good sign we will have a baby girl. I know it is still too early to hope but if we really are expecting we hope the next baby to be a girl.

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