Monday, May 31, 2010

no mattress

We could not find a mattress for the little man's Thomas the Train bed. Or nothing that is cheap anyway. The only store we thought we could find toddler mattresses cheap have really expensive (for me) ones on display. I decided to go home and search for it online, compare prices and then we will decide where to get it. The husband was all for whatever we found but I am not giving up unless there are no other options. While I was browsing for mattresses I found an exact bed that the little man have and I was shocked of the price. If it was me, I will never buy a bed that expensive even for the little man. That is just me being practical though. Since it was free, I gladly accepted it with a smile. It is never smart to say no to a gift especially something that is given to a kid. A kid who squealed with delight and yelled "all aboard!" when the bed was put together. I really hope I can find a good deal on a mattress soon so we can start using the bed. I might post a picture of it once it is complete.

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