Saturday, May 15, 2010

missed several yard sales

Earlier this morning, I was asked by the husband's aunt if I want to go look at yard sales with her. I was fine with it at first until I realized we will be riding with her. We, being the little man and I. Although she is very good with the little man, I did not think it was a smart idea to bring him with us while we look at stuff. I knew I will not be able to enjoy it when I have to keep an eye on the little man all the time. We could leave him in the car if we think we won't be long but that was cruel especially since I know how the little man enjoys being around other people. Aside from that, I am not really feeling good, I have the cold and am coughing a little due to sore throat. So even if I was itching to go I did not. I really love it when I go to a yard sale because I never know what I will find. Somebody thinks they are getting rid of things they don't need but it may be something I have been looking for, see? Well, maybe we can go next time. Or the husband will be able to keep an eye on the little man while I am out spending his money, lol.

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