Friday, May 14, 2010

learning to write

We are learning to write. Or hold a pen properly. Whatever is more important, lol. I bought an activity book for the little man where he can trace lines and letters as a start. I have never really been serious about teaching him how to write early. The times I tried we ended up arguing because somehow the minute he got hold of a pen he ran to the wall and did his scribbling there. I guess he needed more space. The crayons were no better. This time I am hoping he will listen to instruction and maybe, with a nice engaging activity book, he will stick to writing in the book and nowhere else. If he does good with this activity we will expand soon to include crayons and other writing materials. I hope that he will take to writing like he did with the computer. If he can start writing letters (I will settle for drawing shapes) I will be very happy. Then we can move on to other things. In a year or two he should be ready for pre-school if I can convince the husband his son is better off going to school than being home-schooled by us. But that is one topic worthy of another post when I have the time. For now, I have to concentrate (and pray for more patience) on teaching him to write.

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