Monday, May 17, 2010

in order

The last few days, I have been busy re-arranging our closet. The husband and I share two closets yet there never seem to be enough space. If I leave it to him to decide where his things go, he would put his everyday clothes alongside his expensive mens ties and his old work jackets. For somebody who dislike clutter, he has very poor organizational skills and I have to do it all the time or either I get lost in the closet or he can't find his things and an argument will surely follow. It is tedious having to rearrange clothes and accessories in a closet but I do it anyway for my own peace of mind. I segregated his old and tattered work clothes (which he refuses to get rid of for sentimental reasons) and put it far away from his dress clothes and daily clothes. When I showed him the result he was grinning from ear to ear which means what I did was good enough for him. I know I have to keep an eye on the closets because he tends to switch things around and it will be like I did not rearrange it in the first place. I sure hope the little man will not take after his father or else I will have a handful in the next few years. For right now, his things fit mostly in a chest of drawers so I don't have problems yet.

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