Tuesday, May 18, 2010

an important announcement

A couple months ago, one of my cousin's daughter graduated from college. A few days before her graduation she made sure to inform everybody that she was going to graduate by sending out handmade graduation announcements and giving them to people she knew cared about her. I did not get the card but I was informed by my mother about it. She said the kid wanted to know what I could give her as a graduation present. Unfortunately, I did not have any extra money due to bills and other expenses so I did not give her anything. I know I am a bad relative but I cannot do much about it. I did tell her I will give her a little something when I get the chance to save up a little extra for expenses like that. Right now, money is a bit tight and I cannot help out financially no matter how I want to. I hope the kid understand. I will try to make it up to her somehow. Maybe in the future.

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