Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i love cheeseburger!

This comes from the mouth of a three year old who used to eat the same food over and over again because he disliked trying anything new. I don't know what brought this sudden change of heart but I am not complaining. In fact, I like it. I like this new kid who eats every food I offer him. He may not eat much but at least he tries it first and if he likes the taste comes back for more. In the last few weeks, he has eat food that I never even thought he would eat. And I am ecstatic! He actually asks for the food he wants and poor mama has to get it for him even if it means I have to run to the store or to the restaurant to get it quick. He is even gaining weight which is a good thing. The husband is so proud (not to mention happy) that his son does not run away anymore when offered food. He opens his mouth (or gets a plate) and digs in. I don't mind the mess. Oh, no. Not when he is this agreeable to eating what we feed him. I just hope this will keep on and it is not just a passing fancy. I told the little man I will especially cook what he wants so long as he will eat it. Now, if I could potty train him after this, I will definitely be over the moon. A mother can hope, right?

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