Tuesday, May 11, 2010


If I am right and this is not a false alarm, the little man may have a baby brother or sister soon. It is still too early to be sure but we will know soon enough. I don't know how he will react to a new baby since he has been our baby for a long time. He will be my little boy even when he is a grown up already anyway. Its just that I am worried how he will take the news if ever it is positive. I hope he will be as nice (and accepting) to the new baby as he is with other kids. I know I should not be worried over something that is not happening yet but I can't help it. We want to have another baby and it will happen eventually unless we are meant not to have more. I am already thinking about what to do. The husband has been hanging on to some baby stuff for a while because he really wants us to have another baby. If I agreed, he would have wanted us to have one a year after the little man was born. Only I had reservations at the time about taking care of kids that were only over a year apart. But now I am ready. In fact, I have already been taking pregnant womens vitamin to prepare myself. My OB said I was supposed to take it anyway regardless if I am pregnant or not because it is good for me. We will wait a few more weeks to know for sure if we really are expecting. I will let you know the result when we have it. I am already excited!

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