Friday, May 28, 2010

big news

The husband and I have good news. But we cannot share it just yet until we have further proof. We are happy with this little piece of news although there are a few who are not. The husband said he has been waiting for it to happen and now that it is happening he is grateful. In fact, he said he wants more, lol. When we know more I will tell you about the news. We have to tell my parents first though and then the rest of the relatives. It will be something to hear of my mother's reaction of this news. She could be happy or she could be stressed out that she might need the best best acne treatment because when she is stressed she breaks out. As for my father, I cannot predict his reaction but I hope he will be happy for us. Breaking this little news to the little man will be hard though. But I know he will eventually get used to it. He knows that we love him and that he will always be mama's little boy. Anyway, I will let you know more in the coming days. If you are interested, that is.

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