Friday, April 9, 2010

wedding plans

The husband and I plan to get married again, this time in Leyte where my parents and most of my relatives will be able to attend. He felt bad that I did not have the traditional Filipino wedding when we got married so he said he will make up for it next time. If I tell him what it takes and how tedious the preparation will be he might just change his mind, lol. Weddings, no matter how small, requires a lot of planning. There is the wedding dress (design, cost, etc) to think about, wedding accessories, wedding color motif, bridesmaids dresses (should there be any), food, accommodation, invitations, and a million other things to consider. There is the fact that everybody who matters (relations, mostly) have to be either personally invited or sent an invitation card because they feel slighted if you don't. When I think about these things to consider, I tell the husband we should just have a simple church wedding with just the sponsors and relatives as witness. No elaborate celebration to avoid spending more and to make the wedding more solemn. He said he wants it all. Hah! Let's see if he will not change his mind when the time comes, lol. Seriously, all we want is a church wedding because he promised my father he will marry me in my church. We are actually ready, we just need the money :)

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