Thursday, April 15, 2010

ready for summer

Well, I made good on my promise to buy clothes for the little man. I did it today and I am happy with the result. I went to two different stores for that purpose which was like heaven for me who has been itching too bad to shop. I did not buy anything for myself no matter if I was drooling at the thought of owning another pair of jeans or that I need a new purse. The little man has now a decent amount of summer clothes and I don't have to feel guilty that I neglected his needs. It does not happen often but the feeling is still the same. Now that his needs are taken cared of, I can start thinking about my needs. Have I mentioned I need a new purse? That is what I am going to buy next time I go to the store provided I have the money. Oh, I need to save for that because that is not a need (according to the husband), more like an extravagance especially since money is a bit tight. But if I could afford an outdoor d├ęcor that we are not using at the moment (it was a whim) then surely I could afford a new purse as well. It will just take time which should make it sweeter since I will be anticipating for it. I believe it is time to hunt for a cute little purse.

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