Friday, April 2, 2010


We went to the store today to get a couple ham on sale. The husband loves ham and we get them whenever possible for less. The little man wanted to go with me inside the store and I had to explain to him there was no point because I was not planning on staying long. He complained but he did not really have much choice. The ham looked good and the husband is happy. We are now home where the husband is sorting which pack he will use first and which goes on the freezer. The freezer that we are supposed to empty and clean up prior to him finding the weekly store ad. Now we will have to wait a few more months (maybe) before we think about cleaning it. That freezer has not been thawed and cleaned in four years and ice is already starting to build up. It is a good thing we have rugs underneath it just in case it will leak for whatever reason. Those rugs need to be washed too. As it is now, the things will have to wait until the freezer is empty and transferred in the carport to be cleaned up. If these sales will not let up, there will be more items to stash in the freezer and there goes our plan. In a way it is a good thing because I am not really looking forward to doing it yet. I still have to condition my mind :)


tx sweetie said...

what's Nick Jr's official website? maybe my girl would love to see their games too..

Poray said...

is the url for the site. there are activities and games your kid might enjoy might also like to try since it is educational and fun at the same time.