Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nick Jr.

The little man discovered Nick Jr a few days ago. Well, I actually introduced the website to him so he will have something else to do instead of staying in Youtube all the time. This is the second time he is introduced to the website and this time seems to be working well. He likes the games and has tried most of them. I even played one with him earlier where we ended up screaming and laughing like crazies. Thank goodness the husband was outside when it happened or else we probably would have heard a lecture, lol. He said I am as bad as the little man when I get excited. I am already thinking of new games and toys to get him. I think it is time to buy him coloring books and crayons again. As much as I am proud of him being handy with the computer, I want him to explore other things as well. And I think it is time for us to practice writing. It will be something to look forward to :)

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