Wednesday, April 14, 2010

it is time to shop for clothes

The little man needs new shorts. He only has three (I think) because I did not buy him any last year. In fact, the shorts he has now were bought over a year ago when I chanced on store sales. Clearly I have not thought well enough in advance about what my boy will need. He has several jeans but I know if it gets too hot it will not be comfortable for him to wear those. I have to run to the mall to get him shorts and maybe a few shirts as well. I have to check if there are any sales going on on stores I frequent though so I don't have to pay a lot of money. And maybe get the clothes a size or two bigger so it will still be useful a few months later. What we have right now are assortment of shoes which his father bought for him a few months back. The shoes are of different sizes so we do not have to buy when we need it. All shoes and no clothes, lol. It is time to embark on a shopping trip. Yay! I like.

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