Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We were out looking at houses the other day when we were shown this really huge townhouse, all of three storeys with a garage and scary stairways. The little man had to go with us so I held his hand while we went through all the rooms inside the house. He was silent on the most part until he saw that window shaped like an octagon and called it that. When I praised him for it, he then looked at me and the house and said it was humongous! The real estate lady who showed us the townhouse looked at the little man like he was from outer space, lol. When she recovered she said I must have a smart kid. Well, we do and that is not bragging. This little boy may be behind on some aspects in his development (compared to some kids) but people who have been around and seen him said that he is smart. He has very good memory which amazes me. If I only have his memory I will be a better person, I think. We ended up agreeing that the house is not for us considering we have a three year old who is inquisitive and very active. I was afraid of the staircase and how high the windows were from the ground. We found us a normal looking tiny house which he has not seen yet because he was asleep when we looked at it. I wonder what he will say about the house. I hope the owner is not around when he makes his observation though just to be on the safe side.

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