Tuesday, April 27, 2010

getting ready

We are busy packing our stuff today. This is because we are going to move out of the duplex after over two years. Most of our things are boxed up while the rest has to be sorted through so I can throw whatever items we do not need. Looking at the boxes, I thought we do not own much but the husband said he would really want to have less than what we have. He believes that a person does not need a lot of things to survive. Well, I do too, sometimes until I find shoes and purses, and sometimes clothes on sale. I can never have enough of those. Anyway, so we have our stuff boxed save for our bed and a few things we will need until we are ready to hit the road to head to the new place. I sorted through the chest of drawers and I have found clamps (don't ask me why the things were there), old pictures and picture frames, plenty of non-winning lottery tickets, and old cameras. The drawers are tidy but I hope I did not throw anything the husband consider of value or else there will be war. I have been itching to clean and I did it today while we were packing. There is no need to pack anything that I am going to throw away anyway. Amidst all these sorting and packing, the little man stayed out of our way. He has been doing pretty good and it seems like he knows he will be able to help by not being inquisitive. He is now taking a nap with his daddy and I should have plenty of time to do what I please. I have to make use of this precious few hours (if I am lucky) and rest too.

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